Withdrawal Policy

Below is the policy for withdrawing a student from BHA:

  1. One withdrawal form must be filled out per student withdrawing.
  2. For parents/guardians who decide to withdraw student(s) during the school year or during the summer, a 30 day written notice is required. If 30 day notice is not given in writing, parents/guardians are obligated for the next tuition installment. The financial account must be fulfilled for current standing.
  3. If school is in session at the time of withdrawal and the student has been attending school during that academic year, all textbooks must be returned to the respective teacher directly who will sign off the final withdrawal form, and all library books must be returned to the respective librarian who will also sign off the final withdrawal form.
  4. No school records will be released to the parents/guardians or to transferring schools until the withdrawal process has been completed and the financial account fulfilled. The respective Principal will not sign off the withdrawal form until the withdrawal process has been completed.
  5. Failure to attend class – even at the beginning of the school year, and even for new students – is not a withdrawal and parents/guardians will not receive adjustment of charges (tuition or other fees) if the student does not attend class.
  6. The student will remain in the School’s system (Sycamore) until the withdrawal date provided by the parents/guardians either on the withdrawal notice or the withdrawal form.
  7. There will be no refund on the tuition or any other fees for the month during which withdrawal notice is given.
  8. For 11th and 12th grade students: there is a deadline for each semester to drop college classes, which is around one month before the end of each semester. The student’s transcript will be marked with a W for classes that have been dropped before that deadline. After the deadline, the transcript will show a failing grade.
  9. Parents/guardians will be financially responsible for the tuition and fees based on the above policy, without regard to the reason why you are withdrawing. There will be no exceptions.
    Withdrawal Procedure

The withdrawal procedure goes as follows:

  • Fill out a Withdrawal Notice form (online or paper available at the Front Desk or the Office of Enrollment) OR provide a written notice to the Office of Enrollment (by email, or paper)
  • Read and fill out the Withdrawal Packet which will be sent to you once you have notified the school of withdrawal (hard copy or email) or available at the Front Desk. The Withdrawal Packet includes the following:
    • Information sheet on the policy and procedure for withdrawal
    • Withdrawal form to be filled out
  • Meet with the Enrollment Administrator for an exit interview. (Note: The meeting can be over the phone or in person).
  • Meet with the Financial Administrator for any outstanding balance and payment (if needed). (Note: The meeting can be over the phone or in person).
  • Return all textbooks to the respective teacher who will sign off the withdrawal form
  • Return all library books checked out to the respective library (if applicable)
  • Turn in the completed withdrawal form.

Online Withdrawal Form

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