Outsourced Clubs 

The clubs vary every year. Below are previous clubs we have offered. Check back for updated 2019-2020 club info. 


Club Scientific - Creepy Science

Join us as we discover the creepy side of science! We’ll explore scary sound effects, static electricity, and how our bodies react when we’re frightened. To top off our creepy investigations, we’ll make our own gooey, oozy slime! You won’t want to miss out on this scary science experience!

Club Scientific - Mystery Madness

Do you love a good mystery? Come join our CSI team as we investigate the Mifflin Elementary “Field Day Scandal”. Someone is trying to ruin Field Day for the students and we won’t stop until we figure out who it is! Our detective skills will include lifting fingerprints, powder identification, fiber analysis, chromatography, and much more! Come find out “whodunnit” and learn some exciting forensics skills at the same time!.

Engineering for Kids- Engineering Club

Instructors will cover most engineering disciplines (Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Environmental, Electrical, Electronic Game Design (Software), Industrial, Marine, and Mechanical Engineering). Program will help children build problem solving skills, encourage kids to discover how things work, increase kids’ desire to explore engineering as a career option, and motivate kids to learn math and science concepts by engaging them in real-world engineering problems.

Engineering for Kids- Game Design

Game design course includes defining and analyzing games and their mechanics, and understanding how mechanics affect game play and player experiences. Practical assignments include creating both paper and digital prototypes, using user testing to find points of failure and iterative design processes to revise and improve overall game play.

Engineering for Kids- Lego Robotics

At Engineering for Kids, our programs: Help children build problem solving skills, Encourage kids to discover how things work, Increase kids’ desire to explore engineering as a career option, Motivate kids to learn concepts by engaging them in real-world engineering problems. Some LEGO activities will include: Robotics 101, Envirobots, Mission to Mars, Rescue Robots, Robo Battles, Robotic Olympics, and LEGO- WeDo activities.

Karate Little Dragons/Juniors

Self-defense & fighting skills: Develop many positive mental and physical attributes. Balance & Coordination, Flexibility & Range of Motion, Strength & Fitness, Gross & fine motor skills development Leadership Skills, Teaching & Training Skills, Self Confidence & Self Discipline, Proper body alignment, Persistence and perseverance

Mad Science

Mad Science® is the world’s leading science enrichment provider. Unique, hands-on science experiences Step into a world of discovery and imagination. Encourages scientific literacy.

Young Rembrandts

Has your child expressed in drawing? Learning how to draw basic shapes is a critical building block for every young artist. Our lessons will strengthen our student’s core drawing skills as we introduce them to wonderful seasonal imagery.

Elementary Clubs

Book Explorers

Promotes literacy and the joy of reading. Students will be able to share literature experiences with other students. Members will write a book review of what they have read.

Qur’an Club

Students have the opportunity to enhance their recitation of Qur’an. In the spring members will compete for prizes on selected surahs. Activities and rewards included.

Scratch Coding Club

Scratch is GUI based programming environment. While it has a friendly interface that appeals to young children, it has tons of functionality! You can do 2D animations of objects, create cool drawings, make a character sing a tune, develop an interactive game (control it with various inputs including voice!) and even narrate a story with images!

Techno Kids

Designed to give students an opportunity to become more familiar with computers, their care and maintenance, and their many uses. The Computer Club will provide opportunities for interested students to: Work with computer programs; enhance computer skills; learn how to care for and maintain computer equipment.

FIRST Robotics

Teams are challenged to raise funds, design a team “brand,” hone teamwork skills, and build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors. It’s as close to “real-world engineering” as a student can get. Build and compete with a robot of their own design. Learn and use sophisticated software and hardware. Compete and cooperate in alliances and tournaments. Qualify for over $19 million in college scholarships.

Art Club

Express yourself creatively! Students will be dealing with principles of art that will help the student to look at an object like never before. They will be working mainly with still life drawings by using different mediums like pastels, charcoal and paint.

Drama Club

Interested in the theatrical arts? Focuses on public speaking, self-confidence, teamwork, and provide students with enriched learning. Will perform in major productions.Fashion Design

Coding Clubs

CMU Alice uses drag and drop programming, which means there is no room for syntax errors! You can convert your idea to code quickly and see it in action! You can code 3D animations or games with ease. JavaScript club will utilize the graphical environment provided by Khan Academy. It features a web page with coding area and virtual canvass area for output. As you type the code, output appears/changes.

Middle & High School Clubs

High School Student Council

Student Council serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership. Share ideas, interests, and concerns that face the student body with school administrators. Host and coordinate events, fundraisers, and celebrations for charity, school community, or greater community.

Junior-World Affairs Council

Attend World Affairs Council’s events, volunteer at World Fest, interact with students from all over DFW, and host charity and global awareness events. Get involved & have a chance to compete at WORLDQUEST!

Spine Crackers (Book/Culture Club)

Good readers make good writers. Whether you are a future author or just pursuing your love of literature, this year’s Book Club aspires to broaden your mindset by examining the lives of young people all over the world. Each book reading will focus on a different cultural, historical, socio-economic, or political setting. Each reading will conclude with a small party reflecting the theme of that book. Movies and video clips that help bring our books to life may be used in the weekly discussions. Ideal members should be well read and inclined toward in-depth book discussion.

Ping Pong Club

Learn the skills of playing table tennis while improving hand-eye coordination, focus, and having fun!


Learn about the skills you need to become a journalist including writing, graphics, layout, and photography for newspaper. Students will be given an opportunity to compete at different state level competitions. This is an opportunity for students to think outside the box!


Capture school events and memories. Learn about yearbook writing, graphics and layout, and photography for the school yearbook. Students will be given an opportunity to compete at different state level competitions. Organizational and leadership skills will be taught.

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