Graduation Programs

Since 2002, we have only offered a dual credit program for 11th and 12th grade. Starting in the 2017-2018 academic school year, the Academy will be able to offer three different graduation programs. It will go into effect for the Class of 2019 and graduating classes that follows.

Rationale for Change

  • To provide differentiated tracks and individualize graduation programs for students with differing post high school goals
  • AP credits are more likely to convert to college credits to universities outside of Texas
  • AP classes have the heaviest impact on GPA (5.0)
  • Demand for more AP classes and for on track classes
  • Students who are not “college ready” in high school either struggle in their classes, fail, or leave the academy looking for a standard high school academic program.
  • DCCCD (Dallas County Community College District) requires certain benchmarks to be met before registering for classes (behavior, academics, and college-readiness skills)

3-Tracks Academic Programs

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Before the start of the 11th Grade, students will choose which track best fits their needs and graduation goals. Pending eligibility requirements, students will discuss their enrollment into one of the following tracks with their Academic Guidance Counselor.

Program 1: On-Track

Program 2: Dual Credit

Program 3: Advanced Placement

Rules Between Tracks

  • Students must choose one of the three tracks
  • An On-Track student will take classes at BHA or TTUISD
  • An On-Track student may take up to 1 AP class per year but will not graduate with AP distinction.
  • A Dual Credit student may not take any On-Track classes but they can do AP Classes IF their schedule allows it.
  • An AP student must take at least 2 AP classes offered in 11th and 2 in 12th grade.
  • AP students may take classes through BHA, Richland, or Texas Tech

Timeline to Decide Which Track is the Right Fit

Early March of your 10th grade year: Informational sessions for parents and students
Late March of your 10th grade year: Deadline to declare track with the Academic Guidance Counselor
Summer after your 10th grade year: Build schedule with Academic Guidance Counselor during Advisory


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