High School 3 Track FAQ


High School 3 Track FAQ

Why are we introducing three tracks this year?

Richland College is getting stricter with their criteria and have concerns with both the behavior and academic performance of students who are not college ready in high school.

Is it a requirement for students to pass the TSI in 10th grade to take college classes?

Yes. This is a requirement from the community colleges. A student who does not pass TSI is not eligible to take college classes.

How do you get college credit when you take a dual credit class?

A dual credit class will count toward both your high school and college credits. You must pass the class with a 70 or above to receive college credit.

How do you get college credit when you take an AP class?

An AP class will get you high school credit using the highest GPA scale but you will only get college credit if you pass the AP exam in May. AP exams are on set dates and times.

If I’m not on the AP track, can I still take AP classes?

Yes. On-Track and Dual-Credit students can still take AP classes but can only take 1 AP class per year and won’t graduate with the Advanced with AP diploma.

Do I have to stay in the same track both years?


What happens if I don’t maintain the criteria to stay in my track?

You bump down to the On-Track program. An On-Track student that doesn’t maintain the criteria will not be permitted to graduate to the next level.

Why is there an AP exam fee?