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Test prep for college entrance exams is fundamental to increasing your child’s chances of being accepted to the college or university of his or her choice. Getting familiar with the tests will help him score higher, and higher scores can unlock opportunities that he would otherwise miss out on. Competition for college acceptance is stiff, as more students than ever before are applying to college. Test prep can help your son or daughter develop the test-taking skills and strategies to earn his or her personal-best score and get an edge over the competition.

Many college scholarships awarded for academic excellence are simply not available to a student unless he or she reaches a specific PSAT, SAT or ACT score. This is certainly true of the National Merit Scholarship, which is awarded based on a student’s PSAT score. Many colleges and universities consider SAT and ACT test scores when deciding on the amount of the college scholarships they offer a student.


The PSAT/NMSQT is a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test that is administered in the Fall semester. To meet entry requirements for the NMSC scholarship, a student must take this test in the 11th grade and score a minimum of 1400, although it changes annually from state to state. We begin testing our students as early as the seventh grade to get them accustomed to this format of testing.

The scores are divided into two sections:

  • Evidence Based Reading and Writing (Maximum score of 760)
  • Math (Maximum score of 760)

Total Score (The sum of both sections with a maximum score of 1520)

PSAT Test Prep Resources:


Competitive colleges look for high SAT/ACT test scores to determine what students they will accept. It is important to score as high as possible on either of these standardized tests so that students can make it in to college. Colleges look at these test scores because it gives them a way to evaluate students with different kinds of school records.

Naviance is a great ACT/SAT Test prep, which allows the students to take a diagnostic test and customize a study plan based on their individual strengths and areas that need improvement. In addition, students will have full access to full length simulated practice tests, lessons, and customizable flash cards.

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