High School Advisory Periods

Starting in 2016-2017 Academic School Year, advisory periods were built in to the student’s schedule. Advisory periods at the Academy are not used to monitor daily attendance or treated like a homeroom period. Advisory periods provide a more personalized and supported educational high school experience.

An advisory period is a key component of a distributed student guidance strategy that includes regular meetings between an academic counselor and high school students, that meets at regular intervals, has a clear focus, and is something in which all students participate in.

The goal of an advisory period is to help students figure out who they are, where they’re headed, and how they’re going to get there. Through an advisory system, each student has an adult who knows them and helps them navigate high school so that they leave with a meaningful, personalized plan and are prepared for post secondary options. It is the Academy’s mission to graduate practicing Muslim leaders and responsible citizens who are well prepared for college entrance and career challenges of the twenty-first century.

What goes on in Advisory?

  1. Academic monitoring and making connections to academic support services
  2. Support for career awareness
  3. Support for post secondary education awareness and decision making
  4. Support identification of and preparation for work-based learning
  5. Support and prep time for standardized testing and college entrance exams
  6. Support for college applications and dual enrollment options
  7. Teaching life skills including financial literacy, digital citizenship, and campus engagement activities
  8. Post secondary goal-setting
  9. Mentorship between the student and counselor


What’s in it for our high school students?

High school students are able to ask questions during these periods and counselors and adults that show a genuine interest in listening to students’ responses, helps them create a vision for their futures, and then helps them enact strong goals to help them meet their goals- for college, career, and life. Students are able to make personal connections with peers and counselors and will eventually learn more about their own personal growth. Self awareness about their personal strength’s and weaknesses. This type of self awareness is critical for their future success.

Frequency and Duration:

Advisory periods are scheduled bi-weekly for one semester a year. A period lasts an hour and twenty minutes.


Currently advisory periods are scheduled as follows:

  • 9th Grade (second semester)
  • 10th Grade (first semester)
  • 11th Grade (second semester)
  • 12th Grade advisory periods are spread out through out both semesters

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