Financial Literacy


Financial Literacy

The Academy offers a financial literacy course to high school students through EverFi™. EverFi focuses on teaching, assessing, and certifying students in the critical skills that real life demands. EverFi feels strongly that in order for digital learning and education technology to be successful in helping the education space to innovate. EverFi employs one of the largest teams of former teachers in the education technology industry serving schools across North America. These blended learning experts guide the integration of our technology platform and content into the school day.

EverFi™ – Financial Literacy is an engaging, online resource that uses video, animations and interactive activities to bring complex financial concepts to life. EverFi tracks individual student progress and knowledge gain and provides students who successfully complete the course with certification in financial literacy, which can be a powerful tool for job, college and internship applications.

 Account logins are given out by one of our Academic Guidance Counselors. The Academic Guidance Counselor will oversee a student’s progress in this course.

EverFi Financial Literacy Informational Sheet

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“Brighter Horizons Academy will be a model Islamic educational system within which learners may develop to their fullest potential and become a generation of leaders and individuals who are highly motivated to be successful in this life and beyond.”

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“The Academy’s mission is to graduate practicing Muslim leaders and responsible citizens who are well prepared for college entrance and career challenges of the twenty-first century.”

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